Little Patients

We offer a variety of tools and treats to make it fun and soothing for young kids (and their parents). This includes regular exams, orthodontics and restorative work

Routine Exam & Checkup

Regular dental visits (every 6 months) are essential for the maintenance of healthy teeth and gums

Dental Imaging

A radiographic image is formed by a controlled, short burst of X-ray, shedding light on the oral structures

Zoom Teeth Whitening

A whiter, brighter smile is beautiful – it can help build confidence and make a memorable impression

Invisaglin (invisible braces)

Invisalign is proven technology designed to give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Without the anxiety of metal braces

Night Guards

People prone to nocturnal bruxism (or nighttime clenching), as well as cheek biting, may routinely wear occlusal splints at night.

Orthodontics (braces)

Braces put gentle pressure on your teeth, eventually moving them into the right position

Crowns & Bridges

Restore a damaged tooth, or one that had undergone a root canal, with natural-looking crown. Bridges can replace one or more affected teeth

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment is the process of removing the infected, injured or dead pulp from teeth


Dentures can help restore a badly damaged tooth or a lost tooth

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